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Robert Coombs


Robert Coombs founded Solar Bloom Acupuncture in February 2016 and is our qualified and registered acupuncturist.

Robert understands how frustrating it can be when you have to deal with a life impacting physically painful condition. He also knows how sporting injuries and chronic physical impairments, if left untreated or not treated well, can and will add to a significant amount of stress and the inhibition to the enjoyment of life.

Unfortunate circumstances such as these is exactly why Robert has sought to create a warm and welcoming environment where clients can have a highly valuable therapeutic experience that promotes the best possible outcome.

Whether your visit is for the purpose of increasing your sporting performance or for eliminating pain and increasing mobility and flexibility, Robert is committed to help his clients to heal, rehabilitate and prevent injury.

Having a background in martial arts, outdoor sports and rock climbing, Robert knows and understands very well how the smallest types of injuries can affect the overall outcome of both physical and mental performance.

Robert believes that by eliminating pain and doing what we can to prevent accidents or degeneration from occurring, we can maintain a healthy outlook on life, which will serve as the guiding force behind continual high performance for the long term.

Robert would like to offer you the time, space and inspiration you are looking for so you can get back on track with living a healthy and wealthy life free of pain and full of success and enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting the Solar Bloom Acupuncture site and we look forward to helping you.

Robert Coombs